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About Unicorn Doula

Who am I?

Hi!  I'm Ella, aka Unicorn Doula.

I am a mother of two small boys, partner, activist and friend, but if you've found me here it's probably because I'm a birth and post-natal doula to boot.  I work in and around the Newport area and am happy to travel up to an hour for work.

I support families from all walks of life, whatever their background, and believe in being led by my clients' instincts to birth and care for their babies.  It is a priviledge to be invited into people's lives as they form and change their family and I find inspiration in every family I work with.  

Who do I work with and why?

Variety is the spice of life, and families come in all shapes and sizes, so doulaing is my idea of the perfect job.  From the traditional mum, dad and 2.4 children, to families with diverse cultural heritage, to our blossoming LGBTQ+ families and more, we all start off as babies and we all need a little extra kindness from time to time.

Kindness is what I hope to bring to people's lives, and I would love to learn about your hopes for your family.  

Whether you are certain you want a doula, not really even sure what we do, or would just like to tell me more about your experiences, I'd love to hear from you.x 

What do I do?

I offer birth packages, which include ante-natal and post-natal visits, and individual sessions, which can be used for anything from getting to grips with feeding options and information before baby arrives to getting some rest and help with the housework in those early weeks and months. 

A doula is a helping hand, a wealth of information and a friend - that means something different to each person.  How I work with you will depend on what you need, I am there to be by your side but always led by you - you are the expert on your family.

I am actively engaged with my local community, working with local schools to improve education about infant feeding, and with various other local organisations in the hope of increasing access to information and resources within marginalised communities.


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I work in and around Newport, Cardiff and Bristol, so give me a call for a no-pressure, non-judgemental chat.  I look forward to hearing where you are in your journey and finding out if I'm the right doula for you. Ella.x

Unicorn Doula

Newport, Gwent