If you'd like to know more about what I do, here are some of the kind words I've been lucky enough to receive from people I've supported over the years.

Helen - I had a good consultation with Ella about 6 weeks before I returned to  work with my first child. I was really conflicted about whether to  continue to breastfeed. I had plenty of advice from others about going  to bottle. Ella gave me the options and tips about continuing with  breastfeeding in a non judgmental way. I really appreciated her  objectivity when I was at a time of great mummy guilt. 

Verity - Ella came on to  the postnatal ward at the specialist hospital we  transferred to post birth (nearly an hour from her home) to teach me to  hand express. Her reassuring presence helped me the calm down from the  shock of transfer and focus on expressing milk for my very poorly baby.
On day 6 in NICU when the Doctors decided baby had a safe swallow Ella returned to help me achieve an effective latch.
An effective latch is a challenge when your baby has wires everywhere and a cannula in his head!
 During her breastfeeding support visit she identified that baby had a  tounge weakness on oneside. She then acted as an advocate when a pushy  consultant was suggesting we stopped breastfeeding and only tube fed.  Thankfully 2yrs later he is happily still breastfeeding. 

(I must point out that I am not qualified to identify complex feeding issues, such as muscle weaknesses.  This is a good example of a doula having the time to notice a small detail and work with other care providers who can identify and remedy it.  Massive props to anyone working in the Speech and Language Therapy team, they do an amazing job.)

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